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Seminars in Other Countries

Sometimes a company needs to train large numbers of managers as efficiently, as effectively and as economically as possible. Sometimes an individual or small group of managers need specialist English but cannot travel to the UK - for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a Human Resources or Training Department needs a regular or repeated programme of specialist English training.

In these situations, Accent International sends a trainer or a group of trainers to the company in their own country to deliver tailor-made programmes in the offices or training centres of the client.

These training programmes can cover almost any specialist area of English - in fact we have literally delivered courses from A to Z (from English for Accountancy to English for Zoological Consultancy).

There are many different possible formats: a one-day individual programme for a senior executive or an important presentation; small specialist seminars for 2 or 3 days for a company department; one or two-week programmes for mixed business needs; residential seminars for 60 or 70 key people; year-round programmes for whole companies.

In addition, Accent International is well-known for writing and leading Simulations to provide managers with the opportunity to work at their real jobs, with their real activities..but in English and with monitoring training and feedback. These Simulations can last for one day or a week.

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