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Corporate Groups in the UK

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Corporate groups in the UK

Accent has worked closely for many years with corporate clients. Some of these clients have asked for specific programmes to be designed and we are now able to make these programmes available for everyone.

These programmes are intended for groups of 4 or more from the same company who have specific but similar needs and can benefit from cost reductions available for corporate groups.

The main areas for Accent Corporate include:

  • English and Intercultural Awareness
  • Team English
  • Reward English
  • Corporate Simulations
  • In-company training

We also have a special programme for Senior Executives:

  • The Total VIP programme

For more details, please look at the pdf files below and then contact us with your specific needs.

Download PDF Files
Accent Corporate Brochure (321Kb)
In-company Training and Overseas Seminars (63Kb)

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